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Springtime in East Amherst, NY


Within our greenhouse, you’ll find a huge selection of healthy, beautiful annuals to choose from for your home garden. We’ve been told by many people  that we have some of the highest quality plant life in the area, and that our hanging baskets are like none found anywhere else in the country! We sell our annuals in flats, 4.5″ accent plants, as well as in mixed planters and hanging baskets. They add instant color and life into your garden! We carry geraniums, zinnias, petunias and marigolds as well as many, many more types of well-known (and some more obscure) annuals. Don’t forget our vegetable and herb plants, too! Looking for something specific? Call us or ask a member of our staff.


Make an investment in your garden and plant perennials that you can enjoy year after year! We carry many types, for sun or shade. Our selection changes often, so make sure you let a staff person know if you are looking for something particular – and we’ll do our best to make sure that you get it. Just a few of our perennials include foxglove, Russian sage, and various succulents and grasses.

Gardening Supplies

We carry all sorts of gardening supplies, including gloves, hand tools, decor and pottery. Our pottery comes from all over the World, whether you are looking for terracotta, wooden, glazed ceramic or plastic – we carry them all.

Soils & Mulches

A huge mistake that many beginning gardeners make is using the incorrect soil for their plantings. Most of the soil that if found naturally in the area is tough clay that chokes the roots of delicate plants and provides them with limited additional nutrients. You must amend your soil! We carry a variety of potting soils, garden soils, peat moss, compost and topsoil to enrich your garden. And don’t forget the many types and colors of mulch we have to help keep the weeds at bay and moisture in. Don’t worry, we will help you load them into your car.

Trees & Shrubs

We also carry a variety of trees and shrubs to freshen up your landscaping. Evergreen, flowering, deer resistant- we have many to choose from.

Fertilizers & Insect/Animal Control

Plants need to be fed to do well. We have exactly the food that they need, from all-purpose, to blossom boosting, to acid loving – most plants have a preference. We can help you pick the fertilizer that’s right for your plants. Should you, unfortunately, run into a problems with insects or environmental disease – we can help you diagnose and treat the problem using our treatment and prevention products. We even have remedies for your pesky animal problems.

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