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Spoth's Farm Market

Now open for the 2024 season!

Our hours vary seasonally, so be sure to call and check today’s hours!

About Us

Spoth’s Farm Market is a vibrant and bustling place, with a colorful array of fresh produce and gardening supplies. We have vibrant annuals and hardy perennials on display, along with baskets of juicy fruits and freshly picked vegetables. You can browse a wide selection of seeds, tools, and supplies for gardening. Enjoy a great place to shop for locally grown and seasonal produce, and to connect with the community of growers and gardeners in the area. Give us a call at 716-688-1110 and let us know what you are looking for.

Our Seasonal Flowers and Produce





A Family History of Farming

We are a family-owned and operated farmer’s market, providing high quality goods and produce to the Western New York community for over 70 years.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jennifer Giambra
We get our flowers here every year and they last the whole summer! Spoth’s has the healthiest, fullest flowers around! Everyone there is so helpful and friendly we never go anywhere else!
Robert James, Jr.
Huge assortment of annual and perennial plants to choose from. All seem very healthy and well taken care of. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The plants are already thriving in our homes garden. ~ Will be a repeat customer.
Dad of three boys
Can’t recommend this place enough for whatever your seasonal needs may be. We go for flowers in the summer, pumpkins at Halloween, Christmas wreath or trees… High quality stuff and such a nice staff.
Sonora LaPenna
To be honest, I’m only here in the fall, but it’s at least three or four times because I can’t get enough 🌾🌸🍂🌺🍁🌾 Prices are reasonable (that doesn’t stop me from dropping $100 or $200 every time I’m there), and I can decorate the front and back of my house in a lovely, low key way that always makes me happy ☺️ I wish I could give an extra star for the decorative peppers 🌶😄
Pamela Goss
Great selection and a lot of different items not just fruits and veggies.. staff is VERY helpful and knowledgeable..